Smart Mawaid System

An Innovative Food Management System.

  • Smart Recipe Management.
  • Smart Nutrition and Menu Planning.
  • Smart Pantry Management
  • AI-based Reports & Analysis.
  • Smart RealTime Delivery System
  • Income Expense Management
  • Reduce Cost & Wastage and more
Smart Recipe Management

Dynamic Complete Recipe management with multimedia, multi language, and on the fly real time FDA Nutrition calculation and label maker. Over 200 recipes available and more

Smart Ingredient Management
Dynamic access to ingredients both generic and commercial items ready to be used in Recipes of your imagination, or from the internet with full FDA nutrition data. Support for Indian and local ingredient names
Smart Nutrition & Menu Planning
Smart AI based Menu builder linked to Pantry And auto generate FDA Nutrition table for Menus for any size groups and servings.
Income & Expense Management

Complete Kitchen Budget Management of Income and Expense

Smart Pantry Management
Innovative AI based Smart Integrated Pantry Management for Stock In, Stock Out, Reports and Analysis, Forecasts, Tracking perishables. Reduce Cost and increase tracking and accountability.
Smart Delivery System
Integrated Smart Mobile App Delivery system for Customer Feedback and Daily Requirements. Meal Delivery and Tracking system to the last mile!
Smart Thali Management with Calorie & Costing
Smart Thali management with dynamic portion and calorie calculation per menu!. And so much more.
3rd Party API Integration

For a Comprehensive Jamaat Financial Management we have comprehensive api integration with our partners ( Raj InfoTech ) for their JMS Platform

Smart Mawaid helped us greatly with Menu planning and budgeting by which we could focus more on quality cooking and reducing cost

Jamal CEO, Kitchen Systems

Great product! With Smart Mawaid we can now make optimum usage of our pantry and reduce food wastage by 80%. And realised balance nutrtional budget

Mufaddal FMB Coordinator

Amazing analysis and reporting tools provided by Smart Mawaid made it easy to analyse trends in food consumption of our users

Burhanuddin L Analyst, Royal Catering

Elegantly designed solutions for food management and delivery. Now tedious management tasks are done swiftly and hassle free. Great job!

Yusuf JK Entrepreneur, Ignited Food Solutions
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